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3 Alternatives to Chemical Drain Cleaners

5/10/2022 (Permalink)

used paper clogging the toilet Pouring a bit of dish soap and hot water into the drain is another effective option.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Have 3 Alternatives

Are you experiencing water backing up due to a clogged drain? Not treating the problem can often require the help of a water damage restoration company, so it's best to address the clog immediately. However, chemical drain-clearing products can result in pipe damage. Instead, try these alternatives to safely and easily remove drain blockages in your Longmont, CO, home.

1. Tackle a Clogged Drain With Mechanical Plumbing Tools

If you are equipped with either a plunger or auger, also known as a drain snake, utilize them first and foremost. These useful sewage cleaning tools can push out stubborn drain blockages with force and offer the quickest solution for a clog.

2. Opt for a Safer Biological Solution

A chemical-based drain cleaner eliminates clogs by producing heat to break down the material. The heat it causes can ultimately damage pipes, particularly those made of plastic or older metal. Additionally, the harsh chemicals pose a threat to the environment as the cleaner can end up in bodies of water and harm animal ecosystems. A safer solution for your clogged drain is an enzymatic cleaner. These products feature live enzymes which eat away at the clog over the course of a few hours.

3. Concoct a Homemade Remedy

You can also clear your drain using simple items you likely already have in your home. There are a variety of home remedies you can try on a clog rather than a chemical cleaner. Perhaps the most popular is taking equal parts of baking soda and vinegar, letting it sit in the drain for an hour, then clearing away with hot water. Pouring a bit of dish soap and hot water into the drain is another effective option.

Don't put your pipes at risk by using a damaging chemical cleaner. Get your drains cleared safely with a plunger or snake, a bio-safe product or with a trusted home remedy.

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